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Coding Station


  • Courses must be completed in order, and you need to complete one before registering for the next one.

  • Elearning courses must be completed 12 months after signing up for the course. If this is not possible for service reasons, you need to contact us for an extension.

  • If you have an equivalent qualification, certification must be proved before you can be cleared for the next course.

  • Some courses have pre-requisites, or are optional. They appear in a small red tab above the course. If you have any questions, we can point you in the right direction!

  • Enjoy learning and developing.

Course Codes

 Course type colour codes appear on hovering over a course, and clicking on one takes you to the course details.

ELearning course

Workbook/MOD course

Virtual/Classroom course

City and Guilds taught course

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